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Local Partners

Starved Rock Coffee Company

At Starved Rock Coffee Company, we are insanely passionate about bringing you the very best coffee. We source the highest quality beans from around the world from coffee farmers who are well-respected for their craft. The coffee is roasted carefully and delicately, in small batches to preserve the natural beauty and flavor profile of each origin. Our facility is located just north of Starved Rock State Park, so your coffee will always be fresh! We are family-owned and operated...Elevating your coffee from ordinary to extraordinary is our highest priority! 

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Kimberly's Kupboard

Kimberly's Kupboard ia a family-owned company who specializes in high-quality handmade herbal products including hand-blended teas, healing salves, tinctures, herbal skin care and essential oils. We believe in an “inside and outside” approach to health. When dealing with any health issue, we believe the best approach is to tackle it both internally with things like herbal teas and tinctures (herbal extracts) as well as through aromatherapy and topical applications like salves. Sometimes something as simple as just changing to handmade soaps and skin care can do wonders for someone dealing with skin issues. Our products contain no artificial ingredients, preservatives or synthetic fragrances. Everything is made in small batches with the best ingredients for the best results. We offer such a wide variety of products, it’s hard for someone not to find something they could use! We are proud of our quality and our customer service. We always try to do our best to make sure our customers are thrilled with everything they buy and we go the extra mile to show how much we care.